Options & Upgrades

PERFORMANCE: Fuel Injection

Professionally installed fuel injection allows you to transform your Wagoneer from the stock 2-barrel carburetor to the increased power, throttle response and improved (slightly) fuel economy of fuel injection. Improved cold starts and no more carburetor rebuilds in your future!
  • Complete Fuel Injection System Installed ... $2,995
  • California Emissions-Approved Fuel Injection System Installed ... $3,395

PERFORMANCE: High Energy Ignition Distributor (HEI)

A High Energy Ignition Distributor equals better starts, more power and reduced spark plug fouling. HEI distributors produce a 50,000 volt spark and include high-output coil, brass terminals, low-saturation ignition module for max spark intensity. Features more spark at start-up and has high-end protection from engine heat and other elements that can break down the standard system over time.
  • Complete HEI System Installed ... $695

PERFORMANCE: 5,000 lb Receiver Hitch & Wiring Harness

For Grand Wagoneers with the smaller 3,500 lb hitch or no hitch at all, you can upgrade to a professionally installed 5,000 lb frame-mounted hitch and wiring (4-way flat). Original factory-style hitch & wiring installed ... $395

COMFORT/SAFETY: Color-Coded Rear Shoulder Seat Belts

The Grand Wagoneer came fitted for rear shoulder belts, although they were rarely installed. We now offer a color-coded, installed rear-shoulder/lap seat belt for added safety & comfort for those riding in the back seat of your Wagoneer World Woody.
  • Color-Coded Rear Shoulder Belts Professionally Installed ... $475 ceiling mounted
  • Color-Coded Rear Shoulder Belts Professionally Installed ... $595 pillar mounted
  • Color-Coded Rear Shoulder Belts (ceiling mounted) self-install ... $295


No more fumbling with keys to unlock your GW. This state-of-the-art, professionally installed system includes two keyless entry key fobs for touch-of-the-button lock/unlock for your doors. Deluxe includes rear window roll down with the option button. This upgrade is light years better than the first-generation keyless entry on 89-91s, and is universal for all Wagoneers with power locks.
  • Deluxe ... $425 
  • Standard ... $285


Get a factory power sunroof to top off your Wagoneer World Grand Wagoneer. Professionally installed, these new units provide functionality and style to your Jeep, all with easy one-touch button controls.
  • New, professionally installed ... $1,595

COMFORT/SAFETY: Sound System Upgrades (CD Player and/or Auxillary Port Connection)

For buyers preferring to upgrade the original Jensen radio/cassette unit, we offer a new in-dash CD player to provide a fully enhanced sound system. To maintain the classic look of the factory original radio, but upgrade to the modern convenience for plugging in your iPod or smart phone, we offer a hidden auxillary port that works with the original radio for the best of both worlds.
  • Name-brand CD Player Installed... $350
  • Auxillary Port (iPod/Smart Phones/MP3) Through Factory Radio Installed... $225




Need additional seating capacity for your Grand Wagoneer? Now available a custom-built, removable third-row seat that securely attaches in the cargo area of your Wagoneer World Woody. Interchangeable between rear or front facing. Rear shoulder belt built-in. Comfortably seats two children. Includes new, original seat fabric for a perfect match.
  • Custom Third-Row Seat Professionally Installed ... $1,485
  • Custom Third-Row Seat Shipped for self-install ... $1,425

Offering Dependable Protection - Extended Warranty

As a licensed dealer, Wagoneer World has become the specialist of choice for selective buyers looking for high-quality, original Grand Wagoneers. We have built our business on the principles of honesty, integrity and true customer service.

While your Wagoneer World Woody comes with our certified reconditioning process, we have available an additional peace-of-mind option with an extended nationwide warranty covering engine, transmission, drive-train and major components through Auto Services Co. of Mountain Home, AR. Auto Services Co. is a reliable auto warranty company and has been in business for many years.

Auto Services Co. is confident enough in our Wagoneer World restorations they will extend a warranty up to 3 years or 36,000 miles for an affordable price. The warranty is good across America and the work can usually be done by the local shop of your choice once approved by Auto Services Co.

Optional extended warranty levels:
  • 12 mos/12,000 miles for ... $695
  • 24 mos/24,000 miles for ... $995
  • 36 mos/36,000 miles for ... $1,295