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Wagoneer World is the specialist of choice for high-quality, reliable "Woody Wagons." We recondition and sell premium Grand Wagoneers with a focus on delivering excellence in service, detail and product.
Selling? We Buy Full Size Jeeps
We are looking for quality Full Size Jeeps, including Grand Wagoneers, Wagoneers, Super Wagoneers and J-Trucks. It's easy to do business with Wagoneer World, so if you have a Jeep for sale, let us know.
Original paint patina finish is "in"!
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We Also Specialize In Rare Super Wagoneers
We are experienced in buying, selling or sourcing hard-to-find parts for rare Super Wagoneers. If you are in the market to buy, sell or restore a Super Wagoneer, contact the experts first.
The Iconic Grand Wagoneer May Rise Again in 2018 ... er, 2019?
Speculation is running rampant on the anticipated rebirth of the Grand Wagoneer. It's fun to imagine what might be included in rumored re-birth, although we of course remain biased toward the original classic!
Happy Holidays!
We wish you and yours the very best this holiday season, and here's to a wonderful New Year!